The School of Healing, Higher Learning and Educational Studies, are to inspire humanity to engage in the process of Personal Development, Spiritual Evolution to enrich lives, find peace, and create quantitative social and political change in our everyday lives, and the lives of those we serve. The process is an invitation to dance in the Spiritual Light of Miracles as we come to know God, Love, Serve, and Remember. We embrace "your journey to Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior, (i.e., addiction, domestic violence, depression, rape, molestation, homosexuality, homelessness, loss of a loved one, etc.,)." and understand that we are One Church, Many Parts (Ephesians 4:1-32). We respect all people, all races, and all faiths. We are a ministry that encourages and practices Spiritual Principles within every aspect of our lives, and love at the core of our vision. We are also a ministry that works to educate and guide everyone to embrace their Spiritual Gifts (1 Corinthians 12:8-14). Our work is offered through Crystal Rain Institute. The workshops are currently Certificated through: Crystal Rain Institute where Dr. Danette M. Verchér is the President/Dean & Founder. We encourage everyone to take advantage of the workshops, however, to simply enrich your Spiritual Self, Awaken your soul, Become aware, and remember your Divine Purpose, Divine Plan, and develop Spiritual Gifts by using them, and to know God in all areas of your life, and utilize them.

Dr. Danette M. Verchér has an extensive background in ministry. She has served as a "DOULA" through DONA (Doulas of North America), where she learned not only how to usher in the presence of the creation of life, but to also be Blessed and Anointed as a Spiritual Midwife, to help others realize their potential of giving birth to Spiritual Gifting's from God. As A "Woman Caregiver," she is professionally trained to support the family, and skilled in the art of delivery throughout Spiritual Labor and Birth. Her role is to enhance the Spiritual Labor experience of each woman, and each man as the Holy Spirit leads, and recognize that no two Spiritual Births are alike.

"Spirit abhors a vacuum...emptiness is like a vacuum...a vacuum is a very special situation. Because it is empty, it possesses the tremendous potential to be filled. Like a magnet a vacuum exerts a force that pulls things inexorably toward it. The less the vacuum contains - the emptier it is ~ the more powerful the attractive force it exerts on the surrounding world. Consider the greatest of all miracles ~ the creation of the universe itself. Before anything came into being, perfect emptiness existed ~ there was no space, no time, and no matter. The intelligent creative force that underlies all things was not satisfied with the emptiness and set about to fill it. In other words, Spirit filled the void with the universe, which is still expanding with incredible force in every direction. The miracle of the Loaves and Fishes begins in the same way. By going into the desert, the demonstrator ~ Jesus ~ established himself within a vacuum, thereby setting into motion powerful and automatic forces that began to alter the processes of the flow around Him. In this universe, the true power ~ the great flow that brings life and energy and lavish abundance ~ travels in a moving circle, a spiral. This dynamic spiral constantly returns to a new starting point, recharged and primed for another powerful flow of good. Miracle workers understand this circularity at a deep level. They move with this flow. They work with the great cycle ~ never against it ~ and in doing so harness its extraordinary power for the good...(Dr. Michael Abrams)

The School of Healing
The Sacred Art of Healing ~Healing As Medicine

"Emptiness, a Condition of a Miracle™"

Matthew 14:13-23 King James Version

We Encourage You To Schedule A Healing Workshop or Retreat For:

Spiritual Gifts, Spiritual Renewal, Spiritual Healing and Counseling.
Pastor's Wives
First Ladies
Married Couples
Single Women's 
Leadership and Small Cell Group Training
Sanctioned Men's Ministries/Groups
Prison Ministry
Substance & Drug Abuse Recovery
Domestic Violence
Grief Counseling
Whole Person Recovery