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Project AIZ2 is organized with a passion and focus on youth.  Our emphasis; understanding youth, juvenile offenders, and ministering within the juvenile justice system and in re-entry to the community.  Particular attention is given to understanding one’s own issues of pain, resentment, anger, un-forgiveness and prejudice.  Discovering individual learning styles through the use of individual assessment tools, and mentor coaching the youth will also develop effective decision making skills. AIZ2 is grounded in Scripture (Colossians 1:13 KJV), research, evidence on resilience, transformational change theory, brain science and positive youth development.  Translating the latest research into practical methods for creating transformational environments and interactions that are proven effective for even the most challenging youth.  There are a myriad of complex internal and external risk factors that contribute toward delinquency in children, AIZ2's focused attention is given to understanding the impact of dysfunctional family systems, over stressed communities, learning and mental health issues, disproportional minority containment and gangs.   We make a presentation of Dr. Abraham Maslow’s relevance to youth lost in the fog of life and emotion al illiteracy that creates a quick wake-up or an “Aha!” moment of self-awareness that eliminates the blame game, and allows for clarity into one’s own responsibility for a significant life.  In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Abraham Maslow believed that people are innately motivated to satisfy a progression of needs, beginning with the most basic psychological needs.  Once the needs at a particular level are satisfied, the individual is motivated to satisfy the needs at the next level, steadily progressing upward.  Abraham H. Maslow felt as though conditioning theories did not adequately capture the complexity of human behavior, the ultimate goal is self-realization of a personal potential.  Abraham H. Maslow felt as though conditioning theories did not adequately capture the complexity of human behavior

Project AIZ2 gathers the most dynamic, prolific educators and material to create a life changing experience that youth will be able to carry throughout their lifetime.  Finally we partner with career centers and trade universities and perform career interests.  The final stage is determining the feasibility and design of participant’s level of commitment and dedication.  AIZ2 has a vast pool of volunteers that have witnessed the positive outcome of Dr. Danette M. Vercher’s life in limited settings and with limited resources.  These volunteers are former correctional officers and state workers personally brought troubled youth to hear her message of belief, behavior and life changing impact, that inspires drug using violent youth to join the military, attend college, and become community mentors.  Everyone is committed to seeing a life touched and streets become safer.  Former sheriffs, prison counselors, officers and chaplains have joined the passion of Dr. Verchér in the work of the juvenile justice system to make a safer America.  We hold and maintain that our position is not to teach on crime.  We hold and maintain that every youth has the potential to become a tax-paying leader in America, and we can help them to discover their potential and the discipline to make a positive impact inside of themselves and in their communities. 

Dr. Danette M. Verchér, Ph.D. is no stranger to the streets and pitfalls of life.  She was a teen and young-adult struggling to fit in by peer pressure and the need to be accepted and loved by others; which resulted in drugs, alcohol and gang activity.  Eventually the “Aha-moment,” and wake-up call shook her very foundation.  Dr. Verchér learned from what the world had chosen for her, and because of programs similar to AIZ2, she began her healing process and journey to success .  Dr. Verchér now enters into penal systems, schools, private facilities and Christian organizations of diverse backgrounds, teaching juvenile’s and young adults to be overcomer’s through a powerful Spiritual, Scriptural, Re-Entry, Transformative Life Skill and Life Application 12 Step Recovery workshops, as well as Christian Counseling for the Whole person and family. Dr. Verchér is truly a healing voice for the now generation of youth who suffer from the challenges of self, family, life and peer pressure. She is armed with redemption in hand to counteract the forces of the streets.

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