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(Sista's Mobbin' 4 Christ)

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(Sista'a Mobbin' 4 Christ)

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Opioid Addiction 2.0
Light University/AACC

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Treasures of the Heart International Ministries

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  • ATONE IMACT ZONE II - Click link for more Information: Atone Impact Zone II is an organization with a passion and focus on youth.  Our emphasis; understanding youth, juvenile offenders. She ministers within the juvenile and adult justice systems, as well as re-entry programs which acclimate the offender to a new without walls community.  Particular attention is given to understanding one's own issues of pain, resentment, anger, un-forgiveness and prejudice.  Discovering individual learning styles through the use of individual assessment tools and mentor coaching youth and adult will also develop effective decision making skills.  Atone Impact Zone II is grounded in Scripture (Colossians 1:13KJV), research, evidence on resilience, transformational change theory, brain science and positive development.  Translating latest research into practical methods for creating transformational environments and interactions that are proven effective for even the most challenging youth. There are a myriad of complex factors that contribute toward delinquency in children.  Atone Impact Zone II's focused attention is given to understanding the impact of dysfunctional family systems, over stressed communities, learning and mental health issues, racial tension, disproportional minority containment and gangs.

         With your donations food will be purchased from Second Harvest Food Bank and Feeding America. Our organization has the potential to                   meet the goal  of distributing food to up to 200 families each month. 

  • CHRISTIAN EDUCATION - History, education, culture, arts, humanities, and the culture of minorities, and indigenous people such as (i.e.,  Native and Afro American Indians).
  • SUBSTANCE AND DRUG ABUSE RECOVERY: ALCOHOL/NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS MEETINGS & SUPPORT GROUPS - CURRENTLY in NC and (CA- Sista's Mobbin 4 Christ). As Christians and non-Christians there are addictions that we are afraid to admit. Please know that it is okay to seek Godly counsel. We at Treasures of the Heart offer this type of counseling, and we also offer the following Certificated and Degree Programsthrough Crystal Rain Institute; Christian Counseling - Specializing in Drug and Alcohol Recovery. 
  • HEALTH & WELLNESS - CURRENTLY in NC & Texas - We are called to grow, not remain stagnant in our spiritual development. The Christian life is a dynamic force that is on a constant continuum that remains in constant tension. When you are not advancing in your spiritual walk you are regressing. The writer of Hebrews reminds us that we are required to move past the elementary principles of the faith to more advanced doctrines. The ability to effectively execute the Christian way of life requires a growing and developing knowledge and understanding of the multitudinous assets provided to every believer. It is our goal here to introduce multiple opportunities for the participants in this program to not only improve their level of physical fitness, but to also improve their spiritual fitness as well. We will incorporate group exercises in which spiritual laws will expressed in ways that are analogous to fitness principles.​  The goal is to develop believers that are holistically prepared for the full Christian experience. We understand that being well prepared spiritually has its great reward; however, it is imperative to apprehend the fact that the capabilities associated with this spiritual hypertrophy is minimized when the believer is struggling in other areas (such as health, fitness, and finance). Though the focal point will be on fitness we will offer programs to help participants in areas such has finance, marriage, bridging faith and the workplace, and more. Although the program is designed for Christian believers we will also offer the program to nonbeliever with an adjusted curriculum that will expose them to the faith without inappropriately imposing Christianity upon them.​
  • WORSHIP SERVICES: CURRENT (working with other ministries NATIONWIDE)

DISCLAIMER: *Doctor of Christian Psychology* is not associated with "any" states Board of Psychology or Clinical License or Clinical Practice* Dr. Verchér is a Soul Care Giver and a Member of The Society for Christian Psychologists. The Society exists to promote the development of a distinctly Christian Psychology (including theory, research, and practice that is based on Christian understanding of human nature).

Dr. Danette M. Verchér