Danette Michele Verchér

was baptized into both faiths by both men having 


Spiritual Father and Mentor

The Late Bishop Lewis D. Stallworth, Sr. Ph.D.

Christ Temple Apostolic Church of Stockton, CA.

​                       My Only Living Spiritual Father

Chief Apostle Michael Paul Sterling, D.D., Ph.D.

Baptism in the Jordan River, Jerusalem. From left to right: Bishop J.A. Blake, Pastor O'Neal, Bishop J.O. Patterson, and Pastor Smith. 

Danette was baptized by Elder E.J. O'Neal (1975)

My Spiritual Genealogy

Danette was baptized by Bishop T.A. Price (1972)

Spiritual Father and Mother

Bishop T. A. Price & Dr. Lady Marie Price

Light of the World Church


          (Light of the World Apostolic Cathedral)                         San Jose, CA.        

The Late Supervisor Dr. Mother Mattie Mae McGlothen California Northwest Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Church of God In Christ

Spiritual Father

Elder Dr. Ernest J. O'Neal, Pastor    

Little Flock Church Of God In Christ, Redwood City, CA Int'l Treasurer Of The Church Of God In Christ, Inc.

Dr. Danette M. Verchér, Ph.D.

Revelation: Nine Gifts of the Spirit

  • Apostle- Presiding Prelate of A Ray of Hope Ministries Fellowship/Fruit of Thy Womb Conferences
  • Evangelist/Preacher - Sr. Pastor of Treasures of the Heart Int'l Ministries/A Ray of Hope Ministries Christian Center Inc.
  • Prophetess/Teacher - Founder Danette Michele Verchér Ministries/5Fold Ministry Presbytery Trainer & Educator
  • Deliverance/Faith/Healing/Miracles - Anointed to lay hands to penetrate the pain of the sick at heart, mind, soul & addiction 

            Word of Wisdom/Word of Knowledge/Discerning of Spirits/Interpretation of Tongues

  • Missionary/Compassion/feeding - Distribution Pantry for Second Harvest Food Bank Southeast North Carolina
  • FOUNDER- A Ray of Hope Ministries Christian Center Inc./A Ray of Hope Theological Seminary and Bible College & Int'l School of Divinity/Crystal Rain Institute/"Talk About It by G.B.Y./The School Sacred Music/The School of Sacred Theological Art As Medicine/Art As Healer./ATONE IMPACT ZONE II.
  • International Ministry