Chief Danette M. Verchér  is a direct descendent of Angélique (Hasinai) Dumont, b. circa1694 as a documented full blooded Hasinai Indian of the Hasinai and Natchitoches Confederation of Indian Tribes. Angélique died in March 19, 1758 in Campti, Natchitoches Louisiana as a Natchitoches Indian, and is buried in the Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana. Dr. Vercher has recently begun her studies of the Natchitoches tribal language (Caddo) and will continue her studies in tribal customs to better inform the tribe and public of their tribal heritage. Natchitoches Tribe of Louisiana (NTL) has selected Dr. Danette M. Vercher as a "Council Chief, Tribal and Spiritual Mediator" who will be available to council tribal members at their requests, communicate needs of tribal members to the Council of Chiefs, and educate members and the public on tribal customs and history. She is also the "Council Chief for the Verchér Family."  We welcome Dr. Vercher to the governing body of the Natchitoches Tribe of Louisiana.  Tribal Disclaimer: Natchitoches Tribe of Louisiana Constitution, Article 5 – Rights of the People, 5.02 states: There shall be no official religion of NTL and no requirement concerning religious affiliations shall be established by NTL. The right of NTL members to freely exercise their religious beliefs shall not be abridged by this Constitution or any action by the NTL-PC or NTL Council.

Chief Danette M. Vercher, Ph.D. (b. 1966-  ) ​
Her Holiness
​#Diocese of: Canada and France
(Quebec)​ (Montmorency) (Ireland)

"Hibernian Princess"



Angélique (Hasinai) Dumont - (100% Indian)
Daughter of Chief Bernardino Hasinai 
Wife of Charles-François Dumont 

Mother of Catherine Angelique Dumont 

(Catherine A. Dumont and Jacques Joseph Verchér parented "Louis Vercher") See chart above.

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Chief Danette M. Verchér, Ph.D.