Kingdom of God Apostolic and Prophetic Ministries International
Spiritual Father and Spiritual Covering
2000 - Present

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Crystal Rain Institute

Getting each student to become led by the unction of the Holy Ghost. Moving into the Spiritual realm and stirring up the gifts of the Spirit. The word of the Lord says,”...that the Spirit knows all things.” I John 2:20. As believers we must be empowered by the wisdom and knowledge of the Spirit. In the word it also says,” that those that are led by the Spirit are the sons of God.” Romans 8:12. These exercises have been designed to push the student to the limit, causing them to rely upon the unction of the Holy Ghost. 

Apostle Dr. Danette M. Vercher, Ph.D. will conduct, but not limited to; Weekend Encounters, Activation, Retreats, Conferences, Revivals, and 2 to 3 day Evangelistic Services. Crystal Rain Institute has a working relationship with A Ray of Hope Theological Seminary and Bible College & Int'l School of Divinity; to which all course work can be applied to a degree program of your choice. These courses have been designed to spiritually equip you for ministry using sound Biblical Studies & Theology wrapped in Holy Ghost inspired revelation.

 Our Motto

Decrees are Verbal Pictures For Reality,

Once Spoken The Pictures Come To Life.

When God Makes a Decree It Is Seen. God Says See!    

~Prophet Michael W. Verchér~

                             (Danette's Father)

Apostle Dr. Michael Paul Sterling, D.D.