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​​A True Apostolic Servant Leader, Intercessor, and Worshipper

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Dr. Danette M. Verchér is a documented Aboriginal (Native) American Indian, and a Citizen of the State Recognized Tribe "Natchitoches Tribe of Louisiana," and serves as a Council Chief and the Tribal/Spiritual Mediator. She advocates for all nations, colors, creeds and indigenous people. To many she's known as Royalty in her culture and is affectionately known as "Hibernian Princess.” Dr. Danette M. Verchér is a prolific and profound high impact Prophetess, Evangelist, Teacher, Preacher, Revivalist, Christian Educator, Philosopher, Keynote and Motivational Conference Speaker; Author, Actress, Life Coach, Spiritual Midwife, Live Radio Host, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist; and a Christian Counseling Contractor to a host of Ministry Leaders, Church's and Organizations; and an Advisor to Corporate Business Executives around the world. Dr. Verchér is a Renown Christian Counselor and Educator; Her Concentrations are Christian: Sex Therapy, Marriage and Family Therapy, Chronic Mental Disorders; Specialization: Opioid Addiction Specialist, Drug/Alcohol Recovery, Domestic Violence, Survivor's and Victims of Rape and Molestation.She is a Medical Specialist and Phlebotomist by trade; Specializing in "Invasive Medical Procedures, Hearing and Vision Screenings" for medically, mentally, and physically fragile children ages K-12 (Pre-School and County Daycares, and if needed, within public and private school systems. 

On October 25, 2002 Dr. Verchér was consecrated and affirmed as a Full Gospel Episcopal Bishop. On August 23, 2003 she  was confirmed as an Apostle and Major Prophet to the nations with full Apostolic Succession. She's an Ordained Apostolic International/National Evangelist of the Gospel of Jesus Christ who operates in the Spirit under a strong Apostolic and Prophetic governing mantle that transcends racial, denominational and cultural barriers; Danette is known as "The Barefoot Prophetess," with an intense, but sweet, apostolic ministry with the manifestations of healing, deliverance, signs and wonders following; she desires to be an effective servant for the Kingdom of God, and to influence the lives of people in a positive way through recovery, and cross pollination. She is a LEGACY of order as a Five-Fold Ministry Leader, Educator and Seer to the nations. 

In 2009 Dr. Verchér began to mature spiritually with supernatural insight, deliverance, healing, miracles, signs and wonders operating in dominion and authority from the Father; Hence, beginning a journey of Kingdom training and submission to the Holy Spirit. Her powerful evangelistic outreach ministry, experiences and testimony allows her to counsel men, women and children; teaching them how to apply the storms of life as lessons through Biblical principles, concepts and application. In 1989 Dr. Verchér started her Seminary training and finished in 2007 at Sacramento Theological Seminary and Bible College (formerly Mt. Zion Baptist Seminary); She's an alumni of Oral Roberts University and Cambridge Regional College (U.K.). Encompassed in her Ph.D. are Christian Education, Divinity, Religious and Biblical Studies credentials; but Dr. Verchér possesses eight  (8) EARNED degrees, and (1) Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Urban Harvest Bible Institute & Seminary in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2006. The following acronyms follow her name: B.Th., MAC, Th.D., D.R.E., CPsy.D., CEd.D., DCC., Ph.D. 

Dr. Verchér accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior in 1972, and was baptized, and immediately received the full evidence of being filled with the Holy Ghost and the double outpouring of the Holy Spirit's anointing at Light of the World Apostolic Cathedral in San Jose, CA., and became a Second Generation Daughter of the Apostolic Church under the leadership of the late Bishop T. A. Price, and Bishop Lewis D. Stallworth; In 1975 Danette was baptized again at her mothers request (B.L.Woods-Hughey), and became a Fourth Generation Daughter of the Church of God In Christ, Inc., she graduated at the top of her Purity, Etiquette, Evangelist and Missionary training classes, and is a LEGACY, and (great-niece of the late Lilly Woods-Robinson). Her mentors Bishop Jerry Macklin, Bishop Charles E. Blake. Her one on one Mentor was the late Evangelist Missionary Helen Shelton Williams of West Angeles Church of God In Christ, who continued the leadership teachings of the late Dr. Mother Mattie Carter McGlothen Supervisor in the California Northwest Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, and Pastor Elder E. J. O'Neal of Little Flock Church of God In Christ in Redwood City, CA. Today Dr. Verchér remains a "Credentialed Evangelist Missionary,” and "International" Church of God In Christ, Inc. Sunday school teacher. Most importantly today she serves at the pleasure of her Spiritual Fathers Apostle David E. Taylor of Joshua Media Ministries International (JMMI) as an Ambassador, Pastor, Regional Captain and Trainer; Bishop Clarence McClendon, Pastor Rod Parsley: and her Spiritual mentor Greg Laurie of Harvest America in Riverside, CA.

She also holds Tri-membership's in three reformations (Baptist, Church of God In Christ, Inc., CME).
 She's a Woman of God on the move ready to impact the world in her God-given assignment by "Bringing Back AZUSA!" This is the 10th season of her life of Testimony and the Law of Responsibility; and after walking through the valley of the shadow of death became a walking miracle and three (3) time cancer survivor; survivor of domestic violence, rape and molestation. Bishop Dr. Danette M. Verchér, has been called to be a Major Prophet and Spiritual Midwife who covers many nations of races, colors, creeds and ministries. Her apostolic mantle is likened unto Psalm 91 (The shadow or the covering), her heart is truly extended with love for all flesh Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17. And making sure that the "Remnant of God's people are restored" Isaiah 11:11, 12. 

 Currently writing a New Members/New Converts Discipleship Manual.

GOLD PRAIRIE CIRCLE MEMBER: Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian

CHARTER MEMBER: Smithsonian National Museum African American History & Culture.
INCORPORATED in NC “A Ray of Hope Ministries Christian Center, Inc. dba "Hibernian Princess" is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Religious Corporation in the State of North Carolina; Established in California, Incorporated in 1998; relocated in 2014 and Incorporated in North Carolina. A Christ-Centered Counseling, Healing, Deliverance and Teaching, and Preaching Ministry. We maintain the Preservation and Legacy of Native American Indian Heritage, Culture and Language; and stand for all Indigenous and Displaced people as a whole. 
2017: "Crystal Rain Institute" (A University of North Carolina Department of Education Private Institution of Higher Christian Education). C.R.I. offers upper division Christian Counseling, Christian Psychology and a full curriculum for Theological Studies and certifications in Sacred Music Program and International School of Divinity with intense Five Fold Ministry education and training. 
2016: INCORPORATED in NC "ATONE IMPACT ZONE II" dba: Pink Ladies Security Services for Christian Women Events; dba: AIZ2 Executive & Personal Security Services for All Christian Events. 2016 Founded A Ray of Hope Self Help Program in Bungoma and Kitale, Kenya in Africa. 
2014: INCORPORATED in NC: Treasures of the Heart International Ministries dba Crystal Rain Institute became a 501(c3) Non-Profit Religious Corporation in the State of North Carolina (but not limited to). 
2006 FOUNDED - A Ray of Hope Orphanage, Chebukaka, Saboti School; Treasures of the Heart International Ministries; Crystal Rain Institute. 
1998: A Ray of Hope Theological Seminary and Bible College & Int’l School of Divinity,” the entities are fully accredited through The Bureau of Private Post Secondary Vocational Educational, School Code: 25448293; that has a qualified exclusion pursuant to California Education Code (CEC) Section 94739 (b) (6) and has current status as a Non-Profit Religious Corporation under the Corporation Code, and The American Association of Universities Colleges and Schools of Higher Education. Dr. Danette M. Verchér is the California Regional Representative of the American Association of Universities, Colleges and Schools of Higher Education-Remains in California and Arizona). 
other entities owned by Dr. Verchér-KAVOD Gospel Productions; "Talk About It" by G.B.Y.® (A Signature Christian Apparel & Accessory Line; Danette Michele Verchér Ministries (LLC);

and The School of Sacred Theological Art As Medicine, Art As Healer® Healing Workshops and Retreats. 

Dr. Danette Michele Verchér, is the ultimate God-preneur!

DISCLAIMER: *Doctor of Christian Psychology* is not associated with "any" states Board of Psychology or Clinical License or Clinical Practice* Dr. Verchér is a Soul Care Giver and a Member of The Society for Christian Psychologists. The Society exists to promote the development of a distinctly Christian Psychology (including theory, research, and practice that is based on Christian understanding of human nature).

Udine, Italy

​Her Holiness Arch​Bishop 

Dr. Danette M. Verchér