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Danette Michele Vercher Ministries

​​A True Apostolic Servant Leader, Intercessor, and Worshipper

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Grace, class, excellence, advocate, and renowned leader, these are just a few of many words that can describe the Honorable Dr. Danette M. Vercher. A woman of Faith & Power, with a heart for the people of God, who extends her arms out to help change lives. Her purpose in life is to use her God-Giving gifts to meet the needs of all, from 1 to 92. Dr. Danette's foundation is based on four areas, Culture, Education, Family, and Ministry.  As a culturalist, Dr. Danette advocates for all nations, colors, creeds, and indigenous people, while also being a documented Aboriginal (Native) American Indian. A citizen of the state recognized tribe "Natchitoches Tribe of Louisiana", and serves as a Council Chief along with being the Tribal/Spiritual Mediator. To many, she's known as Royalty in her culture and is affectionately known as "Hibernian Princess".  Incorporated in 2016 A Ray of Hope Ministries Christian Center, Inc. dba "Hibernian Princess", an 501(c)(3) Non Profit Corporation in the state of North Carolina, maintains perseveration and legacy of the Native American Indian and African American Heritage, culture, and language. While also serving as an Gold Prairie Circle member for the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian and Charter Member of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture.  Dr. Danette among other things is an accomplished author of 8 books, motivational speaker and lecturer.

Education is a passion of Dr. Danette, a collector of wisdom and knowledge. She began her Seminary training in 1989, concluding in 2007 at the Sacramento Theological Seminary and Bible College (Formerly Mt. Zion Baptist Seminary). While also being an Alumi of Oral Roberts University and Cambridge Regional College (U.K.). Encompassed in her Ph.D. are Christian Education, Divinity, Religious and Biblical Studies credentials; but Dr. Verchér possesses eight  (8) EARNED degrees, and (1) Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Urban Harvest Bible Institute & Seminary in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2006. The following acronyms follow her name: B.Th., MAC, Th.D., D.R.E., CPsy.D., CEd.D., DCC., PhD.  Dr. Vercher is a Medical Specialist by trade and a DoD, U.S.  Federal Government Contractor; Specializing in "Invasive Medical Procedures, Hearing and Vision Screenings" for medically, mentally, and physically fragile children ranging from K-12 (Infants/Pre-School and County Daycares, and if needed, within public and private school systems. 

In addition to her own educational achievements she established in 1998 A Ray of Hope Theological Seminary and Bible College & International School of Divinity. A fully accredited school through the Bureau of Private Post Secondary Vocational Educational Schools in California. While also serving as the California Regional Representative of Universities Colleges and Schools of Higher Education. In 2014 she Incorporated in North Carolina, Treasures of the Heart International Ministries, and implemented a Christian education institution named "Crystal Rain Institute" (A University of North Carolina Department of Education Private Institution of Higher Christian Education); Offering upper division Christian Counseling, Christian Psychology and a full curriculum for Theological studies and certifications in Sacred Music programs & International School of Divinity with intense Five Fold Ministry education and training. Truly a well renowned educator, student and provider of wisdom.  Incorporated in 2015 ATONE IMPACT ZONE II "dba" Pink Ladies Executive Security and AIZ2 Executive Personal Security Services.

Family is Dr. Danette's strength and anchor in life, rather if its from her children, or her 2 grandchildren. Her many Apostolic Son's and daughter’s in ministry, or her extended motherhood to the children of A Ray of Hope Orphanage and school in Kenya. Dr. Danette recognizes the attack against the family, which is why she is a renown Christian Counselor and Psychologist specializing in Marriage & Family Therapy, and in the fields of Drug/Alcohol Recovery, Domestic Violence, Survivor's and Victim's of rape and molestation. She Counsels men in relationships; while compelling the lost to heal their wounds of life through the Word of God and receive the love of Jesus.  Dr. Danette is truly committed to the Restoration of the Fatherhood.

This all came from her years of sitting under sound, validated, and legendary instruments of transformation. After being baptized in 1972, as her biological father Prophet Michael W. Vercher looked on at Light of the World Apostolic Cathedral in San Jose, CA, she became a spiritual daughter of the late Bishop T.A. Price and Bishop Lewis D. Stallworth. As the daughter of Barbara L. Woods-Hughey she was baptized again in 1975, and became a Fourth Generation Daughter of the Church of God In Christ, Inc.; she graduated at the top of her Purity, Etiquette, Evangelist and Missionary training classes, and is a LEGACY, and (great-niece of the late Lilly Woods-Robinson). Dr. Verchér was Mothered and Mentored by many powerful leaders such as her mentors Bishop Jerry Macklin, Bishop Charles E. Blake. Her one-on-one mentor was the late Evangelist Missionary Helen Shelton Williams of West Angeles Church of God In Christ, who continued the leadership teachings of the late Dr. Mother Estella Boyd, and Mother Mattie Carter McGlothen Supervisor in the California Northwest Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, and Pastor Elder E. J. O'Neal of Little Flock Church of God In Christ in Redwood City, CA.  Most importantly, today, she serves as a "Daughter of Zion" at the pleasure of her Spiritual Mother the Honorable Dr. Gertrude Stacks of Shalom Fellowship International in Detroit Michigan; Her spiritual mentors are Dr. Rod Parsley, and Pastor Greg Laurie and Apostle David E. Taylor.  These apostolic generals of the faith are the reason Dr. Danette is the powerhouse she is today. 

The heart of Dr. Danette beats Ministry, she is geared to share the glorious Gospel and Kingdom principles to the nations. Dr. Danette was consecrated and affirmed as a Full Gospel Episcopal Bishop in 2002, and elevated as an Archbishop of the Tri-Valley Diocese under the leadership of the late Bishop John Blouin of Spiritual Temple Full Gospel Baptist Church in Sacramento, CA.  In 2003 Dr. Danette was confirmed as an Apostolic Bishop, Apostle and Major Prophet to the nations with full Apostolic Succession, and Ordained as an Apostolic International/National Evangelist of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; and continues to uphold her status as a "Credentialed Missionary" of the International Church of God in Christ, Inc. 

She proudly serves as the Senior Pastor of A Ray of Hope Ministries Christian Center, Inc., in California and North Carolina. While holding many positions, the Mantle on her life transcends all racial, denominational and cultural barriers; thus displaying the manifestations of healing's, deliverance, signs and wonders. Dr. Danette's ministry, experiences and testimony allows her to counsel men, women and children; teaching Biblical principles, concepts and application to their daily life. Ministry is the true essence of Dr. Danette's foundation, she is a LEGACY of order as a Five Fold Ministry Leader, Educator and Seer to nations. Dr. Danette Vercher, truly a broken gift to a broken nation.


DISCLAIMER: *Doctor of Christian Psychology* is not associated with "any" states Board of Psychology or Clinical License or Clinical Practice* Dr. Verchér is a Soul Care Giver and a Member of The Society for Christian Psychologists. The Society exists to promote the development of a distinctly Christian Psychology (including theory, research, and practice that is based on Christian understanding of human nature).

​​++Dr. Danette M. Verchér