A Ray of Hope Ministries Christian Center

Crystal Rain Institute

Five-fold ministry training & equipping through Holy Ghost inspired teaching and the laying of apostolic and prophetic foundation

Treasures of the Heart Int'l Ministries

Our outreach programs help us bring Christian Recovery and Counseling to the communities in which we serve.

Dr. Danette M. Verchér 

Is an International Missionary and Evangelist of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and was given to the Body of Christ to preach; she operates in the Spirit under a strong Apostolic and Prophetic governing mantle that transcends racial, denominational and cultural barriers; Danette is known by an intense, but sweet, apostolic ministry of healing, deliverance, with a desire to be an effective servant for the Kingdom of God,; and to influence the lives of people in a positive way through recovery. She is a LEGACY of order as a Five-Fold Ministry Leader to the nations. Her powerful evangelistic outreach ministry, experiences and testimony allows her to counsel men, women and children; teaching them how to apply the storms of life as lessons through Biblical principle, concept and application.


Our emphasis; understanding youth, juvenile offenders, and ministering within the juvenile justice system and re-entry into the community.

A Ray of Hope Theological Seminary and Bible College & Int'l School of Divinity

An Accredited Christ-Centered Higher Christian Education Institution.