Who We Are
A Ray of Hope Ministries Christian Center Inc. ,  Treasures of the Heart International Ministries and ATONE IMPACT ZONE II are Nonprofit Religious Corporations and Non-denominational Christian Church Ministries. We are focused on Christ Centered teaching, training and equipping of Christian leaders and workers for effective ministry work worldwide. We equip the Body of Christ through Holy Ghost inspired teaching and preaching for the work of the ministry. Laying apostolic and prophetic foundation; producing an apostolic and prophetic people, who advance the Kingdom of God through one unified church and is an "Inclusive" ministry open to all Christian denominations, Fellowships, Christian leaders and workers, and all born again believers in Christ.

Archbishop Danette M. Verchér believes in creating a faith community that's rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Join us for a life changing experience.

Email:  info@arohmcc.org

Phone: (910) 286-9436 - East Coast

Phone: (209) 589-2071 - West Coast



The primary objective of this corporation is to provide a Christian foundation, public worship services and training in the following areas: Public worship, Civil, Fraternal and Social events, Personal Evangelism, Global Evangelism, Missionary work, Christian Counseling, Christian Education, Community Outreach, Christian Recovery and Spiritual Enrichment.  As non-denominational Christian Church Ministries, prayer, educational and counseling centers we work in conjunction with local and regional Christian organizations and Churches. Church leaders of any denomination may bring members of their congregation or individuals; To preserve the legacy of the ministry of Jesus Christ.